Prime 2D

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Prime 2D began as a Metroid Prime fangame. It was a 2D take on the first 3D game ever in the series.The first iteration of this game started its life back in 2004 by the original team.The four team members that revived the game and made the final version of it found their way to the forums and the team over the years as the game was rebooted again and again.

And then, back in 2017 the final reboot happened.The graphics was redesigned and redrawn from the gound up, new music was written and recorded and the game also got mouse aiming.

A public demo was released on April 1'st 2021, hidden as yet another April's fools demo, and the players seemed to really enjoy the game.

The demo had a ton of secrets and I personally had a lot of fun seeing the community that was organically building up around the game try to find them all.

The development of a second demo was started when alll work on the game had to be stopped due to the owner of the IP kindly asked Team SCU to either stop the development or remove the specific things that infringed on their IP and rebrand the game into something totally new.

Team SCU decided that the game always was meant to be Prime 2D, and that rebranding it into a new game would feel wrong. The game was made by us, for us, adter all. The fact that somany gamers around the world really enjoyed the game was a really nice plus, but the game really was just a game we ourselves wanted to play.

My part

My role in this project was to set the style and palettes for the environments. I then also drew most of the environmental art. I also made all the images for when the player scans all the scannable objects and the images that was used for the into sequence.

Screenshots from the different areas of the demo

These unused assets were used in the book Pixel art: Metroid

Images that for one reason or another never got used

The demo was featured in a lot of magazines all over the world

Podcast interviews