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Prime 2D has always been focused as a fan project for the joy of creating and learning – this has been exemplified by many prior contributors using skills learned from this project as a way to break into the games industry.

As the project has matured, so have we as creators, raising the bar for the quality expected of a game. Rather than the pixel-perfect translation envisioned by our predecessors, we are taking a more targeted approach as a commentary on the shift from classic 2D to modern 3D gaming.

Instead of copying the source material exactly, we are instead focused on taking the core concepts, translating those, and then implementing them in a logical 2D solution. By doing this we allow ourselves to focus on building a good game first and foremost, and then using that as a base on which to create a familiar experience, rather than constraining ourselves to trying to implement 3D ideas in 2D space.

My part

I have been working on the environments in general and focusing on the the first BG layer and the palettes that we use for the different areas. The decision to not use tiles gave us the opportunity to make every screen more unique and personal

Finding ways to save time and still maintain the level of quality we decided on has been really interesting and fun. I am really proud of what we have achieved since the project was rebooted and working in such a small team, filled with so much talent and where everyone is constantly making great deliveries makes this project so fun to work on.

More information

If you would like to know more about the development and the game itself you can visit the forums over at There you can talk to the developers, download April’s fools demos and find the address to the Discord server.

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