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World Hockey Manager


World hockey manager is a hockey manager game for Android and iOS created by Gold Town Games AB. I worked on both 2D and 3D for them and will display both used and unused graphics I made.

My part

I worked on both 2D and 3D for both the game and other graphics they needed, and that included everything from roll-up's to Power point presentations.

I also cut apart the designers PSD files used in the Invision Prototype and scaled the graphics to the size that the actual game use.

Due to constant re-designs I made a ton of 3D-models that was never used. It was everything from printers and tables to training rinks and training machines.

The models

Some models were bought from Turbosquid and the plants used was some free-to-use models but the majority of the models in the renders are made by me and rendered in Autodesk Maya.

All models made by me was made in Autodesk Maya
The texturing work was made in Adobe Photoshop
All UV mapping was made in Headus UVLayout
The facilities scenes was rendered in Autodesk Maya using Mental Ray