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Space Marine

Chosen from the best of the best, enhanced with extra organs and mental abilities, wearing power armor that enhances their speed and strenght.

Mark VII Aquila Armor

Warhammer 40k has some really interesting types of characters. My favorites are the space marines and their power armor. I tried to make it look like it has been worn through many battles and that the space marine tries to keep his gear clean and in as good condition as possible.

It takes decades to create a single new armor so they are just fitted with newer parts when old parts are too broken to be repaired. It has life support functions and is completely enclosed so the marine can function in toxic and low to no oxygen environments.

All models was made in Autodesk Maya
The texturing work was made in Substance Painter
All UV mapping was made in Headus UVLayout
The renders and the 3D web export was made in Marmoset Toolbag