Time And Time Again

"Time and Time again is a game where you develop settlements, explore and settle in new lands, and conquer other settlements. It includes explorable mineral deposits that can be exploited, upgradable smelters to produce goods from the minerals, and a range of different improvements to manage your settlement’s sanitation, food production, armaments and military production, defensive structures, et cetera.

Play through different scenarios with varying difficulty in order to master the game mechanics. Learn how to balance the different aspects of a successful game session: Food production, sanitation, crime, upkeep and attacking and defending settlements.

If you just want to play a skirmish and want the game to decide all conditions this is for you. One click and you are in the middle of the action.

Can’t get enough of the scenarios? Why not build your own? In the map editor you can edit the terrain, paint the map in different biomes, place settlements and pick the winning conditions."

Various upgrades that can be build in the settlements.This is from a roman scenario.

Various icons from the user interface.